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Discretionary Payments Application


You can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) when you have a shortfall between the amount of Housing Benefit (HB) awarded to you and the amount of rent that you pay. You can also apply if you are a Universal Credit (UC) claimant and the amount of the housing element is less than your rent. We may also consider you for extra help with your Council Tax.

The Council has an annual cash limit and can spend up to a fixed amount each year on DHPs. You should request a DHP as soon as you feel you need help.

As this fixed amount has to last all year, it is important that the money goes to those who most need it. Amounts paid are at the discretion of the council. The council must be satisfied that the person asking for a DHP is in need of further help for their housing costs

Therefore, the application is not just about applying for help but also to provide the council with a full picture of your circumstances so we can see if there are other ways in which the difference between rent and benefit can be addressed. It is important that you give as much information as possible.

Before we can make any awards, you will need to provide the following evidence to us in all circumstances:

  • Two months bank statements for all accounts you hold

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit and are applying for extra help with your housing costs:

  • Proof of your Universal Credit, showing a full breakdown of your award (screen shot of your journal)
  • If you are a private tenant, proof of your rent
  • Income proof for any other adults living in your household
  • If you receive a Managed Payment to your landlord, please supply your landlord’s bank details