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Discretionary Payments Application


Cookies Policy

We do not set any cookies on the site for the purposes of advertising or storing your personal information, nor do we use any third party cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer by websites which contain small pieces of data typically used for enabling online services (such as websites that allow you to "log in"). If you would like more information about cookies, including how to disable them, the website has a guide on how to manage cookies.

Restricting the usage of cookies in your browser will not impair your ability to use the website in any way.

When you visit the site, we don't keep any of your details without explicitly asking for your consent or track you through cookies in any way.

The cookies set by the site are as follows:


This is used by the application server to maintain your session between pages. It is a fundamental part of the application server technology and does not track or collect any information about you, nor is it shared with other websites or third parties.


This contains the name of the start page for the form you started, so that the application can redirect you back there if your session expires.